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When one usually thinks of used furniture, or second hand furniture, garage sales come to mind, or furniture so beaten up no one really wants it. But there are used furniture shops in Asheville that provide quality second hand furniture on a consignment basis that is a fraction of the price when new. Used name brand furniture in Asheville NC can be a bargain, especially when price and quality are an issue. Asheville used furniture stores are plentiful and the name brands you can buy at rock bottom prices are available, but some shops are better than others. Select Furniture Consignment is one of the best furniture consignment shop in Asheville where quality is the only acceptable level and they specialize in high end, quality used furniture only. You will not find cheap garage sale type items in Select Furniture Consignment, only high quality used furniture and home decor items that you would be proud to own. Used furniture stores in Asheville are numerous, but why buy at a new furniture store when you can buy quality used furniture at an Asheville consignment shop at a fraction of the price of new furniture. It makes sense to shop around in the new and used furniture stores to compare yourself and ask the question, “shall I pay top price at a new furniture shop, or should I look for a high quality used furniture store in Asheville where my dollar goes 10 times further?”

The best furniture consignment shops in Asheville NC carry quality furniture. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be re-useable without a lot of work. Also, the best quality used furniture stores in Asheville will negotiate the best price for you. Normally, the longer it has been in the store, the better the opportunity for a deal. It makes sense, as the consignor wants to sell it, the consignment store has to sell it and the buyer wants to buy it! Many Asheville consignment shops are huge warehouses, but many are also a lot smaller. The smaller ones tend to deal more as the cost of their floor space can only be covered by turning the used furniture over as fast as possible. Asheville consignment shops are a great place to start in your search for quality used furniture. Second hand furniture is a great way to not only save money, but can provide high quality furniture at a very affordable price in an Asheville consignment shop. If you are just starting out, or simply want a change to your home look, you can consign your used furniture to a furniture consignment store and also buy someone else’s second hand furniture, the ultimate in re-cycling! Good luck in your search for the best used furniture stores in Ashville, there are a few, but be sure to check out Select Furniture Consignment for the highest quality in used furniture!!