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How it Works


Owner Nikki Worsnop opened Select Furniture Consignment in Asheville NC, in the Spring of 2013 as she recognized that there was room amidst the Asheville consignment community for an upscale consignment furniture and home decor store where quality items could be purchased at affordable prices.  This focus on quality has created the following we quickly established since our customers know that anything they are looking for, our store will have the highest quality around for that item. It has been incredibly busy ever since and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Our goal is to provide a fun shopping experience for our clients in a clean, pleasant environment that’s visually stimulating and yet warm and inviting.  New merchandise arrives on our showroom floor daily making Select Furniture Consignment a frequent stop for our loyal customers.

Our friendly staff is always ready to help to ensure that your interior design needs are fulfilled.  Because we receive a wide variety of items from new to retro to antique, it’s easy to find that special, one-of-a-kind piece that will set your home apart from all the rest.

Select Furniture Consignment encourages browsers as there is always so much to see.  Take your time and enjoy the beautiful vignettes and rare collectibles that mix and mingle with gently used items from fine homes across Western North Carolina. Used furniture in Asheville, especially high end name brand furniture, has never looked so good!

Whether you’re buying or selling, Select Furniture Consignment is honored to partner with you in bringing affordable, high-quality home furnishings and decor to the Ashville area.  At Select Furniture Consignment, treasures come in all shapes and sizes, prices and patinas … you never know what you’ll find in our eclectic consignment emporium, so visit often! Unfortunately, we cannot accept returned items


 Select Furniture Consignment is the perfect way to “recycle” or sell your household furnishings without having strangers come in to your home or having to make all those phone calls and arrangements.  Just bring it to our store and, after it sells, you pick up a check, it’s that easy!!

Select Furniture Consignment will sell your quality home furnishings on consignment at fair prices to both you the consignor, and the customer.  Your items will be attractively displayed in a high quality showroom and staged to appeal, both aesthetically and with complimentary accessories.  Your items are controlled and protected in a strong, consignment specific inventory control software, so you are always protected. We have many regular customers and more new customers in our showroom each day. We have a fabulous website and we advertise in both printed media and TV commercials in our efforts to constantly grow our audience. It’s this ever increasing shopping traffic which helps us sell your items quickly so you can find another nice home for your items and realize some financial return. If you have furniture to consign, please e-mail pictures along with manufacturer, size dimensions and condition.  We will call you and we shall agree on a selling price together.  We have a reputation of fair pricing, which is why we sell items quickly and everyone is happy!

Consignment Agreement terms are as follows:

  • Consignment contract period is 90 days
  • Consignors will receive 50% of the item’s sold price and 40% for decor.
  • We price items fairly from the beginning in consultation with the consignor to sell the item.  After the first 30 days, if the item has not sold, the price will be automatically reduced by 10% and remain at that price until the contract terminates. Any additional discount will be at the discretion of SFC.
  • Payment checks for item sales will be mailed each month for sales made in the previous month unless you call us in advance.
  • We accept deliveries of larger items Tuesdays through Thursdays.
  • We do not accept broken, un-cleaned, damaged, stained or items with any odors.
  • Accessories that are easily carried can be brought in so we can discuss and a decision can be made straight away.   A picture of larger items needs to be approved before delivery.
  • If your items are still on the floor after 90 days, you will have a week to come pick them up or make arrangements for pick up otherwise pieces become property of Select Furniture Consignment. It is the consignors responsibility to remember when to pick up.
  • Items must be good condition and clean with no nicks, scrapes, stains (no damaged merchandise).  If items are accepted and work is needed on your piece, a fee will be deducted from the sale price.
  • Acceptance of articles will be totally at the discretion of management.
  • We offer 3 moving services to help transport your items if you cannot deliver yourself.  However, it is recommended that you call to confirm availability of space.
  • A photo, along with a full description of the piece(s) of your furniture should be e-mailed to together with the manufacturer, size, material, condition, age, price you paid. We will decide the selling price together.
  • Select Furniture Consignment is not a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale store! We are in an excellent location for our  showroom to display and sell upscale, quality furnishings and home accessories, all with your convenience in mind.   Our pieces come from the area’s better homes. We maintain consignor contracts for 90 days resulting in a constant turnover of quality goods promoting high, repeat foot traffic.