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Be sure to check out the recent article in the December issue of Sophie Magazine with an editorial on Select Furniture Consignment. This magazine is designed specifically for women and contains very diverse and female interest stories, articles and advertisements. Select Furniture Consignment chose Sophie Magazine as one of their advertising outlets so ladies can see the finest home decor store in Asheville. Select Furniture Consignment also happens to be the finest high end furniture consignment store in the Asheville area and carries only items of quality. Sometimes, used furniture in Asheville, NC can get a less than stellar review since much of the used furniture is not in great shape. There are a few outlets for selling used furniture in the Asheville area that carry really used furniture, but Select Furniture Consignment has a quality control to ensure only quality used furniture is accepted. Being able to buy high quality name brand furniture on consignment, therefore used furniture, can save a whole lot of money over buying new. Most high end furniture is cared for naturally by the original owners and is in great shape. This opportunity to buy this type of quality furniture at consignment store prices allows even the most frugal of shoppers to furnish their homes to look like a castle!

Home decor items are used to create a natural display in the store for the benefit of the buyers and helps the consignor move their items quickly. So popular were these home decor items that the store started to carry them on a full time basis so their customer’s could have access to the same opportunity for home decoration. Select Furniture Consignment is now growing a host of new shoppers looking for that unique home décor or home accent piece in Asheville. For any furniture needs or home décor to  accent your home, visit Select Furniture Consignment in Asheville, NC.