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Select Furniture consignment specializes in high end, classy used furniture items that are consigned by some of the nicer homes in the wider Asheville area. The idea of a quality used furniture outlet started when the owner, Nikki Worsnop, had a couple of unfortunate experiences with consignment shops with her own furniture. Having run a 25,000 sq ft consignment emporium in WNC, she was familiar with how consignment was supposed to work. However, when she consigned her own items to different stores, she found that neither she or her consigned furniture was treated the way they should have been and in one case, the store “lost” her furniture and in another they sold it for half the price they had already agreed with her! So, armed with that experience, plus years in the advertising and marketing business, she decided to move to Asheville and that the area could benefit from a classy used furniture shop that treated both consignors and buyers alike, professionally, honestly and with a friendly welcome. Many furniture consignment shops carry all levels of quality and/or other consigned items like clothing or baby’s paraphernalia. She definitely saw a niche with just selling quality used furniture and branding her store as a classy upscale furniture consignment store in Asheville, run professionally, to differentiate from all the other stores.

Select Furniture Consignment has a rigid quality control system that prevents damaged, soiled, broken or fabrics with a bad odor from finding its way into her store. Nikki also has consignment specific software that ensure the consignors know what they have in the store and will provide an inventory report. At the end of each month, a report of the sold items for each consignor showing the selling price is printed to accompany the checks, which are cut every month.

Her success is due to a combination of factors including displaying the merchandise in a plush setting with added décor pieces to enhance the visual experience. The store also carries new home décor items that are unique and have mass appeal. Most of the décor items can only be purchased from her consignment store in Asheville, and no other stores carry them. This alone keeps customers coming back over and over again. Nikki has the eye that enable her to take a number of unrelated pieces and place them together to make a fabulous and unique look. The fact that she has grown so rapidly in only her first year is testimony to the sound business model she has deployed which includes treating her customers like royalty, pricing items fairly for both consignor and buyer, only taking nice used furniture, having a clean and welcoming showroom, displaying all merchandise so beautifully and having an ethical and honest business philosophy. Select Furniture Consignment already ranks at the top of high quality furniture consignment shops in Asheville and her plans are to continue to grow, with the help of her ever growing customer base. If you have not visited, you should make the trip, you will be very happy you did!