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Real estate in Asheville is invariably connected with furniture at some point in the buying or selling process. Whether folks are buying real estate, selling real estate, moving in, moving out, down sizing or simply making a change, there’s usually furniture involved. Many realtors use house stagers to stage an empty house with furniture to warm up the aesthetics. They will also display the furniture in an way they know is attractive to the majority of potential buyers. Stagers in real estate also frequently simply change around the existing furniture, or tweak it with a few new pieces to make the house more presentable for potential buyers. The best place for realtors and stagers alike to shop for furniture in the Asheville area is a quality furniture consignment shop. Here at Select Furniture Consignment, we have numerous realtors and stagers that both buy and sell furniture on behalf of their clients. Realtors especially, are frequently asked by their clients what they can do with the furniture that no longer fits in the house they bought, or where they can sell the furniture they cannot take with them. With excess furniture, or simply to buy a few items of furniture or décor, that’s easy, visit a high quality consignment store, or refer the interested party to the best used furniture shops in Asheville. For stagers, Asheville furniture consignment stores are a gold mine for both buying high end furniture pieces and for liquidating excess inventory. Some stagers rent the furniture to the client and some will shop for them. The whole idea in real estate is to sell the house and staging is an important part of the marketing effort. Most people can understand that a house that looks great furnished has a better chance of selling as it is more pleasing aesthetically. In fact statistics back this up that more houses sell and sell more quickly with furniture that is attractively displayed than those that are empty or messy looking, as those tend to look colder to the eye.