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Many folks have asked how to consign furniture in Asheville, NC. Most people find themselves, at some point in their lives, wanting to get rid of their unwanted furniture. Sometimes the reason may just be wanting a change in the look of a room, or maybe they have just sold or bought a house and the existing furniture just doesn’t fit anymore. This question has a number of solutions determined by the type and quality of the furniture they are wanting to unload. There’s used furniture that is saleable and has value and then there’s used furniture that doesn’t. These are generally the only 2 categories it would fall into. For the latter, if it is in really bad shape, the dump is the best option at the local landfill. However, if the items have some potential use for some less fortunate folks, then a donation to a local thrift store or charity that has a retail store is a great option. This also carries a tax advantage for those who donate, so there is an additional benefit apart from the heartwarming knowledge that someone in need is going to be very happy they now have furniture!
Now, if the furniture is in good shape, and a good test is to ask yourself “would I buy this for my home”, then the options expand! If the furniture is in really good shape and not dated, a high end consignment shop specializing in quality items will be the best bet for the maximum return. Lower end consignment stores usually don’t have the same discerning clientelle, but are a great option for those furniture pieces that are useable, but are either dated or a little more “used”! There are many consignment stores that sell used furniture in Asheville and most of them will carry items from the lower end of the quality scale to a few at the higher end. There are a couple of stores that carry only quality furniture, Select Furniture Consignment being one of them. This store only carries higher end and quality items and sells them at very attractive prices. Their reputation for this level of quality has created a clientele of happy consignors and the buying public. The consignors are happy as Select Furniture consignment can usually sell at a higher price than the other stores, simply because of the reputation and display, and buyers are happy as they know that if the store has what they are looking for, it will be in great shape and the right price.