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Asheville is known as one of the south’s very best tourist destinations. But there are many families who call Asheville and the surrounding area, home. Asheville is not the most affluent city in NC, but there are many very high end luxury homes, many second homes, that populate the area. Furniture consignment shops in Asheville are thriving because of this mix of affluence in the population. Asheville used furniture is an attractive option for all income levels and all benefit from having access to Asheville used furniture. Many of the homes purchased in the area will have furniture, either from the buyers or the sellers of property that is either left over, doesn’t suit the new digs or is simply the wrong size or style for the new accommodations. Asheville used furniture is available mostly through consignment stores. Consignment shopping is nothing new. At the lower end of the scale, there are thrift stores where, on occasion, you can find some really nice used pieces. But if you are looking for the best used furniture in Asheville, you need to visit Asheville furniture consignment stores, where there’s nothing new, just used furniture and décor. Some stores carry all types of brands and condition, from marginally above garage sale condition to top brand names. If you are looking for top furniture manufactures and name brands, at a used furniture price, you should seek out those Asheville consignment stores that specialize in select furniture. Again, there’s nothing new in these stores, for the most part, but the make and condition of this used furniture is top notch and the prices are fantastic. Some Asheville used furniture stores also carry some new furniture items. But you’ll need to check the quality of these new pieces as the traditional huge mark up of new furniture cannot normally be priced the same way in a consignment store. If you are shopping for great, high end furniture, look for those Asheville used furniture stores that cater to the quality end of the market. Although they mostly carry nothing new, many of the pieces are nearly new select furniture items at amazing prices.