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If you’re looking for home décor shops in Asheville, try not to limit yourself to the traditional retail stores. For as long as I can remember, retail shops selling new décor were the only locations where you could buy décor for your home, and these stores are still around today. The price you pay there for your home decor items are the regular high markup retail prices. However, during the last 10 years our economy has “re-set” the older paradigm and stigma of used goods and Asheville consignment shops are taking advantage! You can find tremendous value on a wide variety of “gently-used,” unique, quality items at about 50-70% off mall store pricing in these stores.

Whether you’re living in a multi-bedroom mansion or a tiny one bedroom apartment, whether you’re in the poshest of neighborhoods or in an area you’d rather not be living in at all, you have the power to make your place a positive one. Even if you’re limited in resources or funds, there are small things you can do to improve your living space. Where you live — the place you call home — should be a source of inspiration, happiness, and comfort. You cannot control everything about your home, but there are a few things (like decorating!) that you have the power to improve. Use that power to bring positivity home and create a place that will always inspire an optimistic outlook. Take a look into the home décor stores in Asheville to see all of the ways home décor can spice up your home and give it that refreshed look. And don’t spend all your hard earned money paying full retail, check out the gently used home décor you can fin in Asheville consignment shops, you’ll be happy you did!