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If you are looking for consignment shops in Asheville, NC you will find plenty of them to satisfy your cravings. Furniture consignment shops, clothing consignment, children’s consignment are but a few of the many type of consignment shops in Asheville. There are probably more women’s apparel consignment shops in Asheville than any other type, and then there are those stores that will buy used clothes or furniture directly from you and resell in their shops. Furniture consignment shops in Asheville are also plentiful and varied. If it is more high end furniture consignment shops you are looking for, there are fewer of this type in the Asheville area. Most used furniture consignment shops in Asheville will carry everything from garage sale quality items to a few better quality pieces. Of the furniture consignment shops that cater to high end furniture and upscale furniture, Select Furniture Consignment in the Asheville area is probably the most pure in the sense that it will only carry the highest quality consignment furniture in Asheville and Hendersonville, but they price everything very fairly from the beginning so that it is an attractive buy and sells more quickly. All furniture consignment shops in Asheville are not created equal and a review of them all yourself will give you the information you need to decide for yourself. The best furniture consignment shops in Asheville earn their reputation over a period of time by servicing their customers the right way and pricing their products fairly.

Consignment shops, including Asheville and Hendersonville used furniture shops, have grown very quickly over the last 10 years, based in part, by the recession starting in 2008. This downturn in the economy hit most folks pretty hard and everyone, including the wealthy, started thinking with a new paradigm, a re-set if you like. This new way of thinking increased the appeal of consignment shops generally as a better place to shop for that item you need, instead of paying for brand new merchandise. Furniture, in particular, has a huge retail markup, evidenced by the continual stream of 50%, 75% sales from new furniture retailers, where they are still making a profit. Understanding this, it just makes sense to look into furniture consignment shops in Hendersonville or Asheville to find the items you are looking for. When you do this, check out the high end furniture consignment shops in Hendersonville and Asheville. There you will find name brand furniture for literally pennies on the dollar. Since many high end furniture items are consigned by higher priced homes, the furniture is generally in excellent condition and looks new!